Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Time passages...

So, umm, hey... what's going on? Been a while since I Daddy-blogged. A lot has happened.

We had our first Christmas, and it was, hyperbole notwithstanding, truly magical. My daughter was excited, confused, tired (as were Mommy & Daddy) and delighted by both her presents and the boxes they came in. Wrapping paper proved a little confusing; she would rip it a bit, then stop and wait for something to happen, which led Mommy and Daddy to finish the job.

Elmo-themed gifts were a hit, including an Elmo Remote Control that satisfied both her urge to play with anything that has buttons (remotes, phones, BlackBerries, etc.) and the aforementioned love for Elmo. She also loved a front-door/house play set, which was -- surprisingly -- easy to assemble the night before. It has all sorts of sounds, bells, and other stuff to play with that she loves, and it's actually fun for us to play with her.

A few weeks later, we had her first birthday party -- 30+ people in our house (which is a lot of people) -- and it was a great day. We pushed our Baby Girl beyond her usual nap times, so there was a minor meltdown. She also wasn't so excited about birthday cake, much to our chagrin, as we were really hoping for some fun "frosting face" photos. She got great gifts from everyone, and my wife and I were humbled by how much everyone gave and how excited they were for such a wonderful milestone.

She had her first day in the snow. The last six weeks, we've been getting hammered by snow in the Boston area. After the last round of 10-12 inches, we took her out into the snow to let her play. She wasn't a fan... at least, not yet.

And then, just this past weekend, the big milestones started -- walking and talking. Almost overnight, our Baby Girl started saying all sorts of stuff, and is moving all over. When she's walking, the look on her face is priceless: A combination of playing it cool and a sly "Look at me!" smile since she knows how excited Mommy & Daddy are. It's just remarkable to see her walking around and talking up a storm.

All these things happened in about a five-week span. It went from "I can't believe she's gonna be a year old" to "She's doing it all!" in what seems like the blink of an eye. When I decided that I would re-start this blog as a "Daddy Blog" I always thought that, while all these things were happening, I'd have so much material and blog posts on all of them. Then I looked up and it was February and I hadn't written a thing.

It's funny -- all the cliches people have for parenting are right. It DOES go fast. A year ago, I would hold our five-week-old Little Peanut and just be in awe of this little life. Now I hold her and she looks at me and I know she's thinking "That's Daddy!" and she smiles and hugs me.

You always tell yourself to "Remember every moment" and document everything. You try to take mental snapshots of smiles, hugs, playtime... all that stuff. And then all of a sudden everything happens and you feel like you haven't enjoyed it enough.

Part of me is so excited to see our Little Peanut walking, talking, smiling, feeding herself... all those great things. And part of me is sad that each first step, first word, new milestone means that she's getting older. And that I need to hold on to each of those moments however I can.

When she's old enough - and if I keep posting - I'll show my daughter this blog. Hopefully, all of these moments will be captured. If not for her, then for me.

Because it does go by fast.

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anonymous blogging woman..... said...

I love your honesty as a doting dad. Its touching!! I look at my 3.5 year old son while he sleeps and I think, WOW, where did the time go. Its so important to cherish it!!
Keep blogging, I enjoy reading about your family :)