Friday, February 27, 2009

Tom Brady marries! Women throw themselves from rooftops!

Time out from ruminating on the Sawx to talk about the other big Baw-stahn sports story... Tom Brady's nuptials.

Yes, it's true... Boston's favorite heart-throb QB has traded up from his previous main squeeze and married "supah-model" Gisele Bundchen. Weep, women of Boston!

Personally, I could do with WAAAAY less breathless reporting on the love life of "Tom Terrific"... we get it. He's a super-duper celebrity that belongs to "us" and not to New York or LA or any other city. He's a "stand-up" guy who works hard, performs on the field and is a 3-time Super Bowl champ and a legend in the making.

Before we elect him Pope, though, let's pause for a second... he's a great athelete, no question. But he's also a "baby-daddy" (like Michael Scott) not unlike many MANY pro atheletes, but maybe we fail to pay attention to that because we love him so much. And the way his ex was treated in the press following the disclosure of the pregnancy in these parts was shameful.

So cheer for him on the field... but don't whitewash his personal life.

And for God's sake stop writing about his love life...

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