Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lords of the Bling-Ring

The Sawx got their rings today... and it was every bit the celebration that you would expect, altho definitely a different event than the memorable 2004 ring ceremony.

For one, the Yankees were the opposing team for that memorable April afternoon in 2005, which was delicious for all sorts of reasons and probably was a tough one for Joe Torre and his boys to swallow, having lost that 3-0 lead in the 2004 ALCS. It was fun, tho, to hear the reaction that Mariano Rivera got that day, and the smile he had on his face in reaction. This year's opponents, the Detroit Tigers (the team of my youth), just don't elicit the same feelings.

Two, the roster of ex-Red Sox players that came back for their rings in 2004 was much bigger than this years', what with Derek Lowe and Dave Roberts (among others), making the trip back and getting ovations. Today, it was just Royce Clayton (who?) and Doug Mirabelli, as star-crossed a Sox player as we've had in a long time. Mirabelli, who was cut just a few weeks ago in spring training, clearly was still smarting from his dismissal, as he grabbed his ring and headed for the door before they had even finished announcing his name.

So now the 2008 season can "officially" begin. No more trips around the world, no more lengthy introductions as the visiting team in someone else's house, and time for some home-cooking. The Sox, who sit at 3-4 after the first week of the season, clearly are having a tough month, but it's good to have them home.

Good luck boys...

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