Monday, March 31, 2008

All four No. 1's in the Final Four -- I AM SMART! S-M-R-T... I mean S-M-A-R-T!

Yours truly made a bold and brilliant gambit -- I picked all four No. 1 seeds in this year's NCAA tourney to reach the Final Four. Lo and behold, it came to be! I am a genius and proficient prognosticator!

Well, not really... first off, I did my picks about an hour before the end of the day and then flew off to San Jose and San Francisco for some client work. So, zero thought process on my picks. Secondly, all I really did was look at each game and, 99 percent of the time, pick the higher-seeded team. Lastly, that's not exactly an original strategy; most casual fans of the NCAA tourney use the same "methodology" to make their picks as well.

So why should you care? Well, for starters, this is the first time ever (EVAH) that the Final Four features all No. 1 seeds advancing to the dance. Also, for those of you aware that on May 10 I have an event of important import, I have a chance at winning my share of a $500+ pot in an NCAA pool at work. So if you want shrimp cocktail at my nuptials, you'll be pulling for a UNC/UCLA final.

Otherwise, it's Chex Snack Mix for all...

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